I retired from the NHS in 2004 after a career as a psychiatrist specialising in psychotherapy in Surrey and Aberdeen.


Having been a life long photographer taught by my father in the family darkroom I started to shoot more seriously around 1999 and embraced the beginnings of digital photography with enthusiasm. As a result of a number of unanticipated events I found myself photographing a commission which took me to a group of distilleries. Then began a growing fascination with un-photographed corners of ageing malt whisky distilleries many of which lie less than an hours drive from my home in Aberdeen. In parallel with this    I interviewed a large number of elderly men, former distillery employees, who told me stories of their lives in the '40's '50's and '60s.  The photographs and matching stories were eventually brought together into a coffee table book expertly designed by Eddie Ephraums, photographic publisher and well known writer. This book , 'Bottled History' established my place in the world of whisky publishing and has led to a number of commissions and other book projects.


'The Village distilleries of Maramures'  grew as a logical extension of my fascination with the process of distilling to encompass a totally non commercialised set of age old practices in Northern Romania.


I continue to work on other projects such as the reconstruction of Annandale distillery, A gazeteer of whisky, and the 'Craft of Whisky ' commissioned by Neil Wilson of Angel's share publishing.

The Village Distilleries of Maramures - A Romanian Odyssey