Under My Very Nose - publication date October 25th 2018

A 184 page hardback full colour photobook which illustrates the many beautiful places found on a year of 9 mile walks from my home in Peterculter Aberdeen.

How did it happen ?

On 9th January 2017 I started to walk,primarily for health reasons. I have lived in Peterculter, a suburb of Aberdeen, but on the edge of open country for 20 years but have never really taken the time or trouble to explore it fully. It took a comment by some friends to start me off and I was frankly amazed by what I found. Equipped with a detailed Ordnance survey map I pushed my walks into unknown corners and found there many unexpected beauties.

An ancient oakwood akin to the New Forest

A miniature highland glen


a beech wood which would be at home in Sussex

How did the book come about ?


I have seven previous self published books to my name and I love the feeling of accomplishment which comes with their completion. Photography has always been a great motivator for me but alas exercise for its own sake has never been. So I decided to take a daily best photograph and post it on my Facebook page to see how my 350 friends all over the world would react. The response greatly exceeded my expectations and has been a powerful reinforcer for the project. I began to play with ideas, layouts, designs and formats. I printed some sample books in the early months just to see how they looked. By now I was into a rhythm. I could feel myself getting fitter. Climbing Contlaw hill now longer made me breathless. I realised quickly that it was the landscapes and the wildlife I was interested in, not the impact of humans on the countryside. My mother was an accomplished botanist and my father an ornithologist and they passed those interests on to me.