My Philosophy



At the heart of everything I do, whether it be shooting a wedding or publishing a book, there is a very simple idea.


My photographic hero Henri Cartier-Bresson believed that in any picture, the elements will come together to make a perfect image at one specific moment which he called 'the decisive moment'. He believed, and so do I, that within each scene a trained eye will identify those elements and will wait  in a state of expectation until they come together.


This style of photography is respectful, natural and artistic. It is the very opposite of the contrived images so beloved of magazines and fashion shoots. it emerges as a result of practice, study and serendipity. At its heart there is a sense of wonder at the miracle of life and a wish not to alter or manipulate to create an image.


Shooting a successful image is like catching butterflies - it requires skill,experience and patience. That is my goal.

The brides face framed by the bagpipes

A mock fight between two men in a Maramures Distillery over the bemused woman's affections

A wandering Lowryesque canalside figure in Venice at 6am