I have been shooting weddings professionally for 12 years. I have lifelong interest in photography having learned darkroom skills with my father at the age of 11.


I spent my professional life as a Psychiatrist ( doctor) specialising in Psychotherapy. I worked in the NHS as a consultant in London and in Aberdeen and retired from practice in 2004.


I started to photograph distilleries by accident in 2003 and eventually published my first book in 2009. Since then I have gone on to publish another 2 and a number of ebooks. Details are available on the publishing part of this website.



My experience as a psychotherapist comes in handy at weddings more than one might suppose. Managing people in an unobtrusive way is my skill and it can prove very useful.



I always enjoy photographing a wedding as it is a privilege  to record such a happy occasion. There is a sense of great satisfaction with the finished product and I take great care to ensure my customers are satisfied.