I like to keep it simple ... a single fee covers everything except an album. I find I take much better pictures if I shoot the preparations and the ceilidh, so I don't offer limited packages but try to keep my fee affordable. I only shoot 6-10 weddings per year so they are VERY special to me!


For this you have my undivided attention on the day for at least 12 hours


I make a website for you with the best pictures which is 'live' by the evening following your wedding.

The website is in your names and I produce cards to let your guests know where to find the pictures.

The pictures are hosted by Photobox professional  and you can buy prints and gifts from the site at very competitive prices.


Before the wedding you choose your favourite music and give it to me on a memory stick. I graft music and the website pictures together into a slide show which I produce on DVD's but also in formats compatible with ipad's iphones android phones and any other device you might request. This means you have a great show for friends and family almost immediately which removes the long wait for an album.


I give you a disc with ALL the pictures from the day minus compete duds. I think you are best to judge what you like and I have often find pictures I dismiss are the ones the bride and groom like best. You can expect 800 plus pictures on a disc or stick.


I visit the wedding venue with you before the wedding to plan paces to shoot and a strategy if its wet.

My style of pictures is very spontaneous and does not involve long 'shoots' which dominate the day. It is however very important to think through what you might like and to plan where we will shoot the list of family pictures which you give me before the day.



Many people these days choose not to have an album. This is up to you,but my advice will be always to print something as we just don't know what will happen to digital files in the future. My albums are produced by Loxley Colour in Cumbernauld. The quality and speed of production is fantastic. I like to design them with you so it really becomes YOUR album not mine. You get to see the proofs before they go off to the printer so there are no nasty surprises, just excitement. You can have a single album with all manner of covers and finishes. You can have half and quarter size copies for bridesmaids or parents and there is an excellent value package available with one large two half size and four quarter size.


All of the above apart from the album costs £1199. I ask for a 10% deposit at the time of booking and those people who book during the Wedding show in January will receive a 20% discount.




some sample pictures from one wedding



look at ACTUAL wedding albums here