When I started to photograph distilleries in 2003 I did it out of interest, inspired by reading  Alfred Barnard 'Whisky distilleries of the United Kingdom'. I never considered where it would lead me - to a world of mystery and imagination, exploring the subterranean relics of ages past. My original intention which was to retrace Barnard's route got waylaid by the sheer fascination of old equipment and equally old stories from elderly men who had worked in the industry. All these wanderings eventually found their way into a book - Bottled History. I was advised not to view this as a way to make money - more as a very expensive visiting card. This as it happened was quite correct and numerous commissions, some commercial, some related to publishing, resulted. I published a second book in 2011 recording in photographs the currrent state of Ardmore distillery in Aberdeenshire

In the last three years I have been running workshops on distillery photography at the Speyside festival in conjunction with Alistair Longwell manager of Ardmore distillery,  and may do so again in 2016. You can view the results here.  In the last three years my focus has shifted to recording the distillation of fruit brandy in the family stills of Maramures in Northern Romania which bear more than a passing resemblance to the illicit stills which figure prominently in the history of  the Scottish Highlands. For more details see the publishing website.