Do you want the story of your day captured quietly ,unobtrusively and with skill ?

Want a photographic record to include preparations , ceremony , reception and ceilidh ?

Have a preference for the unposed and spontaneous over the arranged and staged ?

Want an individually tailored truly personal service ?


I will

Visit you at home to discuss exactly what you would like.

Visit the church and hotel with you to look at good locations.

Be present from early morning to late evening.

Promise not to dominate the proceedings.

Make the photography fun.

supply you with a DVD containing 800 - 1000 photos from which you will choose the ones you like the best.

From which you will Choose around 150 photos or more.

Design the album with me in your own home using a sophisticated computer design package on a laptop.

Have the option to use background photographs for the design taken by me at the time of your wedding.

See EXACTLY what your album will look like before it is printed.

Have an option to order quarter or half size albums for relatives at an extra cost.

I will design a webpage for you in your names from which you can access an online gallery of the best pictures, prints of which can be purchased on line with a credit card. Cards to advertise this will be distributed at the reception.


With me you will remember your wedding not the photography !




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